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Movie Name  :  Engel & Joe (2001)

Release Date  :     25 October 2001

Category  :  Other +18

Genre: Drama, Romance

Language :  German

Director :  Vanessa Jopp

Storyline : The runaway teenager Joe leaves her dysfunctional mother after being beat by her lover Harry. She meets Engel and his punk friends on the streets and the boy lodges her in the abandoned building where he lives. Engel tells her that he dreams on living in the mountains in a community of his own, raising animals and planting his own food, and they fall in love for each other. When Joe gets pregnant, Engel assumes the baby, but without a profession, the young couple faces serious financial difficulties and problems. When Engel gets addicted on drugs, he drags Joe to a low life including prostitution. But there is light in the mountain.